Feature Update

2019 February (View Details)

  • Insight Tab
    • Markets’ Demand Ratio
    • Markets’ Position

2018 November

  • Demand, Listed and Search trend now shows since 2014
  • Unsold tab more accessible now from left menu

2018 October (View Details)

  • Key facts for Incoming Supply
  • Filter capability for Incoming Supply’s Projects Details
  • Floor analysis for Favourable Price & Size Range
  • Other Property Types for Incoming Supply

2018 September

  • Rental yield chart on market comparison and building type comparison added

2018 August (View Details)

  • Unsold tab added with UPESM as data source
  • Download feature for performance tab added
  • Price range segmentation updated with a more standardise method

2018 July

  • Transacted trend now shows since 2014
  • Household income updated to be available in district level
  • Deep enhancement on processing speed

2018 June

  • Migration history trend updated to migration tab
  • Loan amount added under statistic for Malaysia level
  • CPI under statistic added for Malaysia level
  • Incoming supply data update shown in data update page

2018 May (View Details)

  • New Buyer Profile tab added
  • New Sale (Primary Market) added

2018 March

  • Map Select feature added

2018 February

  • Performance tab added under statistic for state level